the alfred
hitchcock tarot

Based on a lifetime of films by the Master of Suspense, the AHT comes with a 230-page companion book describing each card in detail. The full colour book also describes the films represented and many of the details behind their making. 

The 78 cards themselves follow the accepted tarot pattern and correspond essentially to the famous Rider-Waite-Smith deck, allowing for easy comprehension. The companion book also gives detailed background into the making of Hitchcock's films and the psychology behind them.

Almost all of Hitchcock's 53 films are represented, while those which are especially popular and/or significant appear more than once.

As with all Welkin's other Tarots, the cards are large-format (3.5" x 5.75") and of excellent quality, 300 gsm. The book is standard trade-paper size, 6" x 9", and includes a colour reproduction of each card. 

As in his films, Alfred Hitchcock makes a cameo appearance on every one of the Minor Arcana. 






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