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The Shakespeare Tarot - Orsino

4 of Staffs - Orsino

Dramatis Personae: Orsino, Duke of Illyria.

Text & Context: Orsino - the second name to begin and end with an O, or a zero; another name book-ended by circles, like a staff seen from either end. Otiose, hard to bear, a pipe-dreamer, Orsino will be lead on, like Macbeth, by a caesarean... that is: played by a Viola. He is muse sick. His fire faint, lambent at best.



 Intertext: Queen of Staffs Viola; Crowns 2 Feste; Crowns 4 MalvolioCups 5 OliviaCups 9 Sir Toby Belch.

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