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The Shakespeare Tarot - Iachimo

6 of Staffs - Iachimo

Dramatis Personae: Iachimo.

Text & Context: Iachimo is a diminutive of Iago, and Iachimo is a diminutive Iago. 

 Like a germ, Iago entered Othello's head, commandeered his heart, and undid his soul. Like the perfervid figments of an untrusting husband abroad, Iachimo inveigled his way into Innogen's bedroom, gleaned a few skin-deep details, and showed Posthumus an infidel. But where Iago steadfastly held his own counsel, Iachimo goes the other way - he changes sides, fights for Britain, and becomes the bigger man. 

 Sixes in the Tarot are cards of cooperation, subliminal shifts, hard-won grace. Iachimo represents the reunited in Cymbeline, the pardoned and the atoned. 

Intertext: Strength VIII Innogen.

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